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Proclaim 2017 

: A Global Conference

for Preachers of Redemptive History

Let Us Return to the Bible, 2 Tim 3:14-17


@ Pyungkang Cheil Church, Jumunjin Oceanside Church, 

 Yeoju Retreat CenterPyungkang’s


# 4 Only Jesus! Only the Bible! Only faith!

October 30 - November 1 at Jumjin Beach Church and Yeoju Pyungkang Cheil Retreat Center

Tuesday, October 31st - the Fifth Day in the Evening

Participants finished the last formally scheduled event at the retreat center, which left just one more day of seminars.


They were divided into groups by their nationality and took time to reflect and share the grace they received over the last 5 days. During this time, they gave thanks for the Word of redemptive history and discussed how they might apply it to their own lives in the homeland. In presenting their resolutions, the group leaders looked determined.


Pastor Voltaire L. Acosta Jr. / Philippines


Good evening, everyone. First of all, let me acknowledge our team, the team Philippines. Can you please stand up? Say ‘Hallelujah, amen. Hallelujah, amen.’ Now we are here to discuss with you what we have all gathered together as inputs as to what we received and how we plan to do to bring this back into our nation.

We have all come to conclusion, firstly that we all know the things about the Bible. We have understood. We are learned in the ways of the Bible. And we thought that we are more than equipped already. But coming here has humbled us. It does really humiliate us, brought us to our knees to confess to you that we do not know anything about the Bible, especially in the Old Testament. Because what we received here was an opening of such a dynamic thoughts about the scriptures, how the Old Testament came about, and how we were ingesting everything, especially in the teaching of the genealogy. Our nation has been prophesied to be a missionary sending nation. We felt as a missionary sending nation that we are continuously purified, being hammered, bringing out the very best. These teachings about the redemptive history have really made us think about our position and how we can solidify our knowledge of the Bible in a greater way as we bring this all together.

Most of us have been Christians for so long, but then there are so many of us that cannot understand the Old Testament scriptures. That is why we just went into the New Testament and it was friendlier. Because how can you interpret every sign? Everything has meaning. We concluded that most of the things in the Old Testament things are ceremonial things, but now we can understand the implication, the spiritual implication in its application as a total Word of God. As we are teaching it and as we have received it, there are new revelations connected to the New Testament in the Old Testament. We have concluded that this is an eye opener of mysteries revealed that need to be spread to other pastors and we need to come together in unity to support Bishop Lee so that we can bring this knowledge, bring this education, bring this teaching to most of the people because we were thinking about how to penetrate the big organizations. We will just do it by the grace of God. And, of course, we were all dreaming. Actually we feel so humbled and humiliated by the fact that we thought we were doing good in so many things. We came here into this country, we saw the big change and the difference and we cannot boast about anything. We learn from you that it is through prayer and through going back to the Word that will bring a changing fatefulness towards God that can bring the prosperity as you are experiencing today.

We can break through only by teaching the truth. We are in the Philippines operating in the four - very strongly in the move of the apostles, the prophets, the teachers, the evangelists, and the pastors. What we are missing is the teaching element. I believe that when we bring in the redemptive history to the people of the Philippines, this teaching element that is missing will be birthed. It will give broader explanations, the deeper meaning as to how we can now reconnect and how the expertise and knowledge that we have seen through you, the Pyungkang Church, how that technology can be transferred to us so that we can really advance and see the shift into the teaching methodology for greater understanding. And lastly, we have experienced the connection, why these people had to live so long. Why Adam had to live so long? Why all of these patriarchs lived so long? It was to testify about their faith. It was to testify about goodness of God and how we can remain in the graces of God when we obey, when we do what God has instructed us to do. So, in summary, that is what we are planning to do. We are going to get together, we will plan, we will pray, and we will look forward towards having a bigger conference among Filipino pastors, of course, with your help, until we can get to be trained and we can do it on our own and we can train others to do it on their own so that it can spread like wildfire.

Once again we ask for your prayers that what we carry can be brought into the nation of the Philippines and pretty soon all of us will be moving in the greater understanding of the redemptive history. Thank you for listening, and God bless you all.


Evangelist Sarah Sue Newton / U. S. A.


We finally come to the end, but we start a new beginning. A new beginning all with the same heart, amen? I believe that we were all truly blessed. As Pastor John told you all, we are a branch sister church of Pyungkang. So we have been immersed a little bit longer in this history of redemption. But I believe that we all felt the same eye opening experience that you all felt today just when we received it first, too.

So what I would like to say to you about what to do with the history of redemption is something that we did in Arkansas. We are in a small state of Arkansas in the United States. But you may have associations and pastors’ groups that come together and they… iron sharpens iron, right? So we were able to be involved in a local minister alliance group where pastors come together and we teach the Word to one another. This opened the doorway for us to teach other ministers the history of redemption just like we did during this conference.

I believe that through prayer, through study, through focus, we all can send forth this work. We have all felt this awakening our soul. We have all felt this. We never know which cloud will bring the rain. So you never know what doorway God has brought to you. All you have to do is walk through the door. So any opportunity that you have just like when you preach the gospel of Jesus Christ - this is the same thing. Our eyes have been open to be able to explain the Bible, not just say like he said about Jesus and ‘Oh, the New Testament is comfortable. I don’t really understand the Old Testament.’ Now we can combine the two.

So my encouragement is really just the encouragement that you walk through every and any door that you can. Not visually say who is worthy and who is not worthy because everyone is worthy. Amen.


Kampeephorn Santipojchana / Thailand


Good morning, good afternoon, good evening in Thailand. I don’t take much time from you. This is a brief summary of our discussions. First of all, we as Thai people have to repent because this is something in our culture, like ‘sabai sabai,’ we want to take everything relaxing, easygoing. Thai people lack discipline, so we repent and we want to commit ourselves to spend more time with the Bible. When, I, myself was asked how many times I finished reading the Bible, I cannot answer because I am not sure if I finished already or not. We would like to spend more time with the Bible and invest our time, take it seriously because this is the treasure God has given to us. We can spend time with other things, why not the Bible? It’s a treasure. Secondly, we feel thankful to Rev. Abraham Park for putting it together that reveals to us the mystery of God that was hidden. We have to feel more hunger to dig deeper into the Bible and have more understanding of it. The third thing is history - because one of us is a history major student. Many times he was asked why study history? Even he was told that it’s not important. It’s in the past and it has nothing to do with the Bible. But actually it is. This is the answer -today is the answer from God to him that why God prepared him to study about history. Last but not least is about Jesus’ genealogy. Because in the past we thought that why we have to know about the genealogy? It’s like a sleeping pill - many of us feel the same. Why do we have to know about this? Why God put this in the Bible? Someone told us that maybe it is for the Jews and had nothing to do with us - for Jewish who know about the genealogy. But today, we feel that because we are children of God and the genealogy of Jesus is also our genealogy. This is why we have to know our root and is very important for us. That’s why we have to learn and have more understanding. The last thing that I want to conclude is that in Thailand is just in the beginning stage of this thing. We haven’t learned about this. We haven’t taught about this even in Bible school, so we ourselves, out of five or six people here, have to study more about the lessons that we learned here. So we bought the material and the Thai book that has been translated – the first book. And then the second book is in progress. Yes, we want to spend more time. We have to begin from ourselves first. We have to study more about it in order to share with others, in order to share with our church, our friends in class, and our neighborhood as well. Thank you for having us here. I feel honored and blessed.


Although a variety of deeply held views and conclusions were shared during each presentation, the atmosphere remained lively with ample applause and “Amen.” At the conclusion of the seminar, surveys showed a high degree of satisfaction from the participants who expressed their appreciation to all the staff and volunteers.


Like a lighthouse, the successful event shined the light of God’s Word of redemptive history, guiding others in the world closer to God. But the event also shined a light on the kindness and open arms that Rev. Abraham Park and the members of Pyungkang Cheil Church wish to share with the world. A team of over 70 dedicated people helped to make the Redemptive History Seminar a success. Without the lecturers for the seminar, the Pyungkang Cheil Broadcasting team, staff to prepare every meal, the Sharon Praise team, medical team, photography team, The True Peace monthly church magazine, and other selfless volunteers giving their best every day, the event would not have been possible.



Wednesday, November 1 – the 6th day at Yeoju Pyungkang Cheil Retreat Center

On the last day, participants traveled back to Yeoju from Jumunjin. There, they had a chance to get a closer look at the life of Pastor Abraham Park, his ministry philosophy, and what inspired him to write the Redemptive Series.



On the grounds of the retreat center is Engedi cave. The large cave is used by the congregation as a quiet and serene spot for prayer. All the participants gathered there to pray and give thanks and glory to God. At the conclusion of the seminar, a ceremony was held for the attendees who successfully completed the course. Pastor Seung-hyun Lee shook hands and handed a certificate to each participant who finished the seminar. He praised them for their hard work and provided words of encouragement in their mission as an evangelist.


This seminar started last year with this year’s being the second to be held. The number of participants from last year, 29 participants, increased to 49 from 8 different countries. Most of the participants were encouraged to attend by last year’s attendees who highly recommended it. Many of this year’s attendees were fascinated by the Word proclaimed at the Redemptive History Seminars held in their home countries. This drove them to come to Korea to develop an even deeper understanding of the Word.


A large cross-shaped cloud in the sky was looking down upon Jumunjin Beach Church on one of the last days of the seminar.


Evangelist Jabez Park was reminded of the photograph of the cross in the sky above Jangan Mountain where Rev. Abraham Park prayed and is depicted on the cover of the Redemptive Series Book 1, English edition (upper left).


This seminar opens a new chapter in the spread of the Word of redemptive history throughout the world.

After the seminar participants from all over the world safely returned to their homes, filled with new enthusiasm to spread the Word of redemptive history as we witness "the nations are coming dancing.”



Written by Emeth Internet Missionary Team

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