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In 1958, founding pastor Rev. Abraham Park received his calling into ministry. At the start of his ministry during this most poverty-stricken time in Korean history, nobody would have been able to fathom his dream of a global spiritual awakening. Even as the number of his saints grew throughout the years, he confounded them with seemingly impossible goals of worldwide mission. Yet he continued to move forward regardless of the doubt of others surrounding him or the wrongful persecution directed towards him. What resulted from his endless endurance was the publication launch of the first book (The Genesis Genealogies) of the History of Redemption series and the grand opening of Pyungkang’s Yeoju Retreat Center in 2007.

Up until God called him to heaven in December of 2014, Rev. Abraham Park worked tirelessly in ways that amazed everyone. While others urged him to rest he continued to stand on the podium until he was physically unable to do so, whereupon he would sit to preach. At the 2014 Yeoju Summer Conference, his rapidly deteriorating health terrified those around him, but despite their desperate pleas for him to get treated at a hospital he chose to be with all the saints at Yeoju. Such was his love for his saints and such was his faith in their future potential that he sacrificed his health in order to share with them the Word of redemptive history.

Now in 2017, we the saints are just beginning to grasp just how grand Rev. Park’s dream is. He knew that what he learned through the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit would extend beyond the cave in Mount Jiri and even beyond the borders of Korea. Just as Shealtiel in Jesus’ genealogy prayed for a son he would never meet, Rev. Park fasted and prayed with tears for the future global proclaimers of the Word of redemptive history. Just as his pen name, Huisun (暉宣), means to “spread the light,” the light of the Word of redemptive history is reaching out to all nations, and the nations are responding back with their desire to learn more of this precious Word that is being revealed for the first time in history. The Yeoju Retreat Center was built upon the foundation of Rev. Park’s belief that “all nations will come dancing before the Word of redemptive history,” and truly people of all nations are coming to Yeoju with the burning heart to learn more.

The following four testimonies come from international believers who attended the 2017 Yeoju Summer Conference and whose lives have been changed by Rev. Abraham Park’s teachings, proving that the Word of the history of redemption transcends all cultures, tongues, and lifestyles.


Peter Lee (Shanghai: New Covenant Church)

“The Word of redemptive history must spread all throughout China!”

Elder Victor Pan on Peter Lee: “Peter Lee is a Korean-Chinese believer who came to our church six months ago. He has been to every Lord’s Day, Wednesday, and Dawn Service. He read the first eight of the History of Redemption books in Korean by borrowing the books from others. The only reason why he didn’t read the ninth book was because the person he was borrowing from hadn’t finished reading it [laughs]. When he came to Korea he bought all nine books for himself. I still remember when I joined the church twelve years ago. People were amazed with how much grace I received. Now that I’m an older member, I myself am amazed by how much grace Peter and the other new members receive. I can very clearly see the Bible’s teachings that the last will be the first.”

I was once a staunch atheist. As I lived in China I only believed what I saw. Then I was called by God and became a Christian and received the grace of the Word of redemptive history. My entire life and the way I look at the world has changed. This Word is truly a treasure. I hope all the saints of Pyungkang will receive more and more grace through the Word of redemptive history, and I especially wish that they will be translated quickly to many other languages so that saints abroad can receive the grace as well.

It was my first timing visiting the main church and Yeoju. I was very impressed with how big our church is and especially with the praise team. No praise team in China can move your heart the way Pyungkang’s praise team does. I was also amazed that you could drink the water anywhere, from any faucet or shower. It is so clean! This place is also a place of blessing. I went up to the mountain at 11:00 PM to pray, and shortly after I received a call from the CEO of a company asking me to come for an interview for the position of general manager. Although the interview will be held after this retreat, I believe that God has already given me the position.*

(*The True Peace team received news the following week that Peter Lee was indeed hired as general manager.)

The sermon by Pastor Sam from Singapore really touched my heart, and I want to return to China and let these people know that there is a calculation method like this. I hope they’ll come to our Shanghai New Covenant Church to listen to the lectures. There are many impressive points that the Founding Pastor put in the History of Redemption series. He preached about the month of Nisan and the calendar for the first time in history and I’ve met many pastors in China who are not aware of this.

Once I started going to Shanghai New Covenant Church, I heard about many of Rev. Park’s achievements and listened to many of his sermons through youtube. I am amazed by his many great achievements. Christianity in China is still under the control of the government and there are many hardships, but I believe that when the Word of redemptive history spreads throughout China, those who are in the midst of hardship will receive salvation. I give all the glory to God and give thanks to the founding pastor for all his hard work.


Kristanti (Indonesia: Bukit Sion Church) 

“We want to share the message of Enoch and Abraham with Pyungkang!”

Kristanti is a native Indonesian who gave her testimony in Korean. Her first involvement at a previous Yeoju Summer Conference happened at the encouragement of her friends. Since then, she studied hard and was able to translate as part of the interpretation team for this year’s conference. She continues to master the Korean language in Indonesia with the help of Pastor Changsik Won, whose Korean sermons she translates side-by-side to Indonesian.

I enrolled in an Indonesian university and thought about which major I should study and happened to choose Korean. I graduated college and got a job, but Pastor Youn Doo Hee asked me to help at church because Pastor Changsik would be coming to Indonesia. I quit my job and started to work in church, and I was so touched when I read the History of Redemption books that I want to keep working here.

At the retreat, I loved preparing for the Praise Contest, because it meant so much to me personally. I love learning about how Adam and Enoch walked together and about the separation of Abraham. It’s the first time the church in Indonesia participated for the contest so we practiced a lot. I also helped the pastor translate the lyrics. Our story is about Abraham, and while preparing for the performance I could truly feel how Abraham must have felt. The pastor connected the story of Abraham to the story of Adam and Enoch. Aren’t we all trying to to be like Enoch, who walked with God even without Adam there beside him? This is what we want to share with everyone through our song.

All of this was inspired by Rev. Abraham Park. I met him when he visited Indonesia, and the fatherly love I felt from him moved my heart and changed my life. I want to continue working in the church by spreading and translating the Word of redemptive history!


JR Irvin (USA: Shiloh International Missions in Pyungkang Cheil Church) 

“I was led to Pyungkang Cheil Church by the grace of God.”

JR Irvin moved to Korea when his wife (US Army) was stationed at the US Army Base in Yongsan. He did volunteer work at the same office of Shiloh’s Evangelist Eric Burton. He was moved by Evg. Burton’s godly lifestyle which testified of his faith. As a Christian believer searching for an English-speaking ministry, he visited Pyungkang Cheil Church with Evg. Eric’s encouragement and is now a member of Shiloh International Missions.

The depth in which Pyungkang digs into the Word is different from other churches. Before coming to this church, I didn’t really know anything about the History of Redemption series. Evg. Eric got me the first book and I have been reading it and cross-referencing the text with the verses included and everything matches up. It’s all so true and profound. It digs deeper into the Word than I have ever studied before.

I knew that going to this retreat would be strenuous, with nonstop volunteering and studying of the Word. If I wasn’t working at the Shiloh Food Stand, I was listening to the lectures. This week has been a lot of grilling [laughs] but also a lot properly studying the Word. I have not yet read all of the History of Redemption books, so being able to listen to the lectures and study the content of the other books really makes me look forward to reading them. Every lecture made me think, “Wow, this is what I’ve been looking for.”

There is so much passion in this church for the Word, and that really stood out to me about Pyungkang. I’ve had a hard time getting into new churches because they didn’t properly teach the Bible. I loved listening to the recording of Rev. Abraham Park during the opening service. He moved me with his message. I’ve never heard any of his lectures before or heard him preach, because he had already passed on before I got here. But listening to his sermon, which is so authentic, helped me understand why the saints look up to him and revere him as a true man of God. The message this church proclaims really is different and more profound than other church I’ve been to.


RICHARD MOORE (Canada: Living Hope Church) 

“I was born again. My life is a testament to how far Rev. Abraham Park’s reach has gone.”

Coming from a very secular upbringing, Richard Moore did not grow up within the walls of a church. He came to know of the Word of redemptive history through his wife and mother-in-law, and lives his life in gratitude for having been introduced to the Word of redemptive history. His sincere heart of deep humility and endless thanksgiving was obvious throughout his testimony, which he attributes to Pyungkang Cheil Church.

They say Korea is “the Land of the Morning Calm,” but you don’t really feel that in Korea. But then I saw the landscape and the mountains at the Yeoju Retreat Center and I thought to myself, “THIS is the Land of the Morning Calm.” Everything relating to Pyungkang is so beautiful. There’s something special about this church. Even the Pyungkang saints look different from others. We know that we’re supposed to be Christ-like, but here I can feel that everyone is truly trying to be like Christ. I felt the same thing at the HORA RE:Conference Seminar in New York. I felt so rejuvenated and recharged for what I need to do as a member of Pyungkang. There are so many churches around the world that are connected to Rev. Abraham Park. It’s really special to be a part of the movement that started in a cave in Mount Jiri, where he wrote the content for the History of Redemption books.

This is my first time coming to Yeoju. I knew I had to be ready for a very intense few days with the Word and fellowship, but everything has by far exceeded my expectations! Every lecture has been pertinent and impactful. I’m staying in the Paul Building but looking at all the sleeping bags in Moriah makes me want to experience that. The wilderness journey has so many trials and challenges that build up our faith, and I was thinking that I should try to sleep in Moriah for one night to experience what it’s like. I’ve just been so empowered and so blessed to be here at this Yeoju Summer Conference. I really feel that I will leave Yeoju a different man from when I first entered.

“Pyungkang Cheil Church will be at the forefront in evangelizing the people of North Korea.”

One of the saddest things is that the country of Korea is separated into the North and South. I truly feel for the people of North Korea in all their suffering and oppression. Once they are liberated from their regime by God’s grace, they would need something to replace that. They would need something to heal them from all their pain and suffering. I feel that this church is the church that can do that, that can send its people out and heal their wounds. If there’s ever any group of people that can introduce to them the Word of God, it would be Pyungkang Cheil Church. I truly believe that this church will play a pivotal role in helping and healing the people of North Korea. That is how much confidence I have in this church and its saints.

We are a people set aside through the covenant and the history of redemption. When I’m in Yeoju or Oryudong, I truly do feel like I am a people set aside. I can’t help but notice it how special this place is! I feel like everyone is family. I know I won’t be judged and that everyone will accept me for who I am and care for me and love me. Isn’t that really like Christ, to do that and embody that and have that attitude? I am so touched by everyone’s diligence, hard work and passion that I want to keep saying “thank you” to everyone. We feel it in our hearts, but I think it’s important to also express our gratitude and thanksgiving.

“The saints of Pyungkang are like angels.”

I can’t imagine my life without God and the church and the history of redemption. We learn to ask our fathers and they will inform us, our elders and they will tell us. I pray that the example my wife and I are setting will be passed down to our son. Our children are our firstfruits, and I believe that the faith will continue with my son. I have the faith that he is the next generation and that he will pass the faith down to his children and the children after him, and so on. This is my hope and prayer! I will go away from this retreat a different person. I’ve learned a lot, and a lot of it has been from watching and observing what God has done here. The saints of Pyungkang are truly like angels!



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